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Alaska Center for the Book
Board of Directors Meeting
October 12, 2011

Attending: Mark Weber, Jessie Nixon, Sherri Douglas, Trish Jenkins, Camille Oliver, Heather Caldwell, Karla Powell, Carol Sturgulewski, and Sara Juday.

Minutes from the September meeting were reviewed. Karla Powell moved to approve. Mark seconded. Motion to approve passed unanimously.

Announcement:  Karen Keller has resigned as director of the Anchorage Public Library effective October 21 and is resigning from the ACB board as well.  We will all miss her!

National Bookfest Report: Jessie Nixon and Heather Caldwell represented ACB at the National Bookfest and reported that there were “mobs of people everywhere.” Those who came to the book loved everything—the mammoth posters and the chapstick from ACVB were especially popular.

Books of the Year Conversation Salon: Trish reported that the turnout at the first salon was small but those who were there had an interesting discussion. Several who did attend were college students who were required to attend.

Letters about Literature: Jessie reported that Willie Hensley and Joe Mason have agreed to be judges. Just have a couple more judges to confirm.

UAA/Anchorage Daily News Creative Writing Contest: A meeting to schedule this year’s contest will be held on October 17.

Community Reads: Sherri Douglas reported that the book is Persepolis, a graphic novel about growing up during the Islamic revolution in Iran. While Nancy Pearl was in Anchorage, she led a book discussion with the library staff. It is on the 9th grade curriculum. The kick-off is in February. ACB discussed the possibility of hosting a Jeopardy game around the book as part of the series of events. Sherri said two librarians are specialists in the genre and could help craft the answer/questions. The Teen Underground might form a team. Could promote it at Boscos and with the Manga/Anime club at UAA. Sue Sherif has the program to produce the game.

Alaska Native Heritage Month:  Carol reported that the event will be November 2, 5-7 p.m. at the UAA Campus Bookstore: Alaska Native Writers—Looking Back and Looking Forward.

Reading Rendezvous: Need to hire a new coordinator. ACB is committing $600 to contribute to the fee.  The event will be May 12. Theme is “Dream Big”.  Sherri will post the coordinator position on the volunteer website and will send a copy to members of the ACB board to help get the word out. She wants to have the coordinator hired by December.

Membership: Trish brought up the need to address membership and develop a plan for recruiting members and fundraising. Spent some time brainstorming ideas, including offering an event or events centered on reading themes that could draw people and get them involved. One idea was a Beer and Book event.  Someone also suggested we review programs/events that other centers offer.

Next meeting:  November 9 at 6 p.m. (one week later because of the Alaska Native Heritage event.

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