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  1. Sigrid Brudie

    I tried twice to submit a CLIA award nomination online, once with a PDF file and again with a Word file, and both times it said submission was rejected because of “invalid token.” I’m not sure it came through. Since the nomination is due today, I’m going to put my description here in my nomination of Nyabony Gat. Thank you.

    Nyabony stood out in 2013. She was a junior in high school, attending University of Alaska Anchorage’s Della Keats Health Sciences Summer Program, where I taught medical terminology and library research. The program encourages high school students to explore healthcare careers. Nyabony’s maturity, dedication, and academic excellence were remarkable. At the time, I recall she wanted to pursue a medical career, but over the years I watched her direct her energy and skills to community health and health literacy.

    After the Della Keats program, Nyabony attended UAA and graduated in 2019. During that time, she organized the annual Anchorage gathering of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), where I judged competitions in medical terminology and extemporaneous writing. Nyabony was warm and welcoming as she shepherded high school students who came to the conference from all over Alaska, including rural villages.

    I next started working with Nyabony when she became involved in the Peer Leader Navigator (PLN) program run by the Alaska Literacy Program (ALP). PLNs are from Anchorage’s immigrant and refugee communities and are trained to communicate health information to their peers. As Health Education Coordinator for Southcentral AHEC (Alaska Health Education Center), Nyabony now directs the PLN program, and I continue to work with her to teach PLNs to find, evaluate, and use online health information. In recent months, Nyabony and the PLNs have played a huge role in communicating COVID-19 vaccine information and untangling misinformation (see ADN article 3/26/21).

    The CLIA award recognizes “advancement of literacy,” which Nyabony accomplishes every day.

    1. admin

      Sigrid Brudie,

      Thank you for the CLIA submission. Sorry for the problems with the submission form. We are still trying to fix it. But your submission is accepted.

      Mark Weber
      Alaska Center for the Book

  2. Dona Helmer

    Friends say they still can’t nominate you using the website.

    Nomination for Dona J. Helmer
    2. Nominee has made available special funds or grants that are targeted for the advancement of literacy programs, promotion of literary arts, or the preservation of the literary history of Alaska.

    3. Nominee has been involved in promotional activities aimed at combating illiteracy or raising public awareness about the problem of illiteracy, particularly in Alaska.

    Dona Helmer, a retired school librarian at Anchorage’s College Gate Elementary School, is a tireless advocate for reading and libraries. Helmer continues to promote literacy in her community where she recently donated over 1,000 new books to the Cook Inlet Literacy Council for a project she calls “New Books for New Readers”. She is the recipient of the I Love My Librarian Award from the American Library Association, a former Alaska School Librarian of the year and she has presented papers at conferences in the United States and England. Helmer has written hundreds of grants for books for both teachers and school libraries. She has served as a board member for the CILC, the AkASL and has served as a member of the Caldecott Award Committee, Newbery Award Committee and the Sibert Award Committee as well as the Carter G. Woodson Committee.

    1. admin

      Dona Helmer,

      Thank you for your CLIA submission. Sorry about the problem with the entry form. We are still trying to fix that.

      Mark Weber
      Alaska Center for the book

  3. Jill Leiter

    Will there be a “Letters About Literature” competition this year? The last one I see any information on was in 2019? If that contest will happen this year, can you direct me to a link for it?

    Thank you!

    1. admin

      The Letters about Literature competition was sponsored by the Library of Congress. Sadly, at this point they have discontinued it. Here is some more information from their website:
      The Letters About Literature program, sponsored by the Library of Congress, concluded its 27th and final year with the 2018-2019 program.

      The Library is proud of the years it sponsored Letters About Literature. This national reading and writing competition, which touched more than 1 million students, has been a source of much joy and inspiration at the nation’s library.

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