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Alaska Reads 2022

Ernestine Hayes at Fireside Books in Palmer, Alaska to speak about her book "Blonde Indian,"the inaugural selection for the biennial statewide reading program, Alaska Reads

The Alaska Center for the Book has coordinated Alaska Reads since 2016. Even though Alaska is a huge place, it’s possible for Alaskans to form a rich web of connections. One way to pull us together is through a shared reading experience. To that end, Alaska Reads–a biannual event–features a work centered on some aspect of Alaska life and culture, written by a living Alaskan author.

The Alaska Center for the Book has partnered with the Alaska State Library, the Alaska Humanities Forum, and the Rasmuson Foundation to provide books and author visits to communities around the state. The Alaska State Library has generously funded our purchase of books to be distributed to libraries around Alaska.

The title chosen for 2022 is directed at middle school readers. It is an exciting story about Tom, a 14-year-old boy who capsizes in a double kayak with his father in Prince William Sound. Tom makes it to the shore of a nearby island, but has to traverse the island to the far side, where he is more likely to be rescued. It is a story of resilience, courage, and survival, that will appeal to middle school readers and it offers a lot of survial tips that will inspire middle readers to never give up in the face of danger and life-threatening challenges.

We are hopeful that this story will capture the imagination of readers and that will lead them to read similar stories of adventure and survival.

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Although Paul Greci, the author, is a full-time teacher, he is willing to coordinate events with classrooms through a zoom event. Please contact Paul if you wish further information at
Past Alaska Reads Selections:

2016     Blonde Indian, by Ernestine Hayes
2018     Steam Laundry, by Nicole Stallion O’Donnell
2020     Find the Good, by Heather Lende
2022     Surviving Bear Island, by Paul Greci

Please contact LilaVogt, Alaska Reads Coordinator, with any questions at