Dear Nicholas Sparks,

Dear John is a meaningful story that changed how I felt about my mom and step-dad.  My mom is married to Jimmy, and they have been married for almost two years now.  I haven’t been through something like my mom has been through, but I have seen it with my very eyes.  Whenever my step-dad gets deployed my mom goes into tears.  I, on the other hand, try not to cry.  When I see my mom cry, it makes me cry.

Every night when I heard my mom crying on the phone when she was able to talk to Jimmy, it made me feel bad.  It made me feel like no one knew what was going on in my mom’s life, but when I read your book, it helped me to understand that my mom isn’t the only one going through separation from her husband.  I realized my mom needed me more than I thought.

The book made me want to cry when John came home.  He and his girlfriend were so happy.  When my step-dad came home once, right when my mom saw him she screamed, grabbed hold of him, and she wouldn’t let go of him!   They were so excited to see each other.  I read Dear John often because it helps me to see how my mom and Jimmy really care for each other.

I relate to the story.  I understand that my mom and step-dad have been through a lot together.  I have seen it.  When Jimmy gets deployed again, I am going to support my mom much more, by supporting her through the hard tasks when Jimmy is gone.
Thank you for writing Dear John. You have helped me to see that my mom needs my to support her.  You helped me to support my mom in a better way.


Emily Pugmire