Dear Mr. Buckley,

I used to think books were for old people or school until I read your series called The Sisters Grimm.  I love fairytales because I always wanted to be a princess.  So, I decided to check out your first book, The Fairy Tale Detectives.  It was the perfect combination of comedy, tragedy, and mystery, but completely unexpected.  The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ definitely describes your series and your characters.
I was shocked to learn the Big Bad Wolf was actually a sweet old man, named Mr. Canis.  I’d read stories in the past about how he was mean and tried to eat the three little pigs and Red Riding Hood.  To see another side of the Big Bad Wolf in your book was surprising.  I would have never imagined he was sincerely sorry for how he hurt people or that he had come friends with the three little pigs.
While the story of Mr. Canis being a big bad wolf was true, it was only half his tale.  I think we are all like Mr. Canis and have a big bad wolf inside of us.  Sometimes, I don’t realize when my anger controls me.  I’ve snapped at other people in frustration.  I’ve even seen others devour another person’s heart with harsh words.  Like Mr. Canis, afterwards, I feel horrible when I realize how rude I was.  I apologize to the person I snapped at, and the way I acted isn’t who I am.
It’s so amazing how much we can learn from just one character if we pay attention.  I really want to thank you for making this series.  I learned something different from each character, but Mr. Canis was the one who touched my heart the most.  He was portrayed as evil in many fairytales, but in your book he was constantly doing good.  Most people are frequently misjudged like Mr. Canis.  They are often rumored to be bad people, but they are actually good people who did something wrong or had a moment of anger.  The explosion of anger is like turning into a wild beast, which happened continually to Mr. Canis.  In the end, Mr. Canis learned to control his anger.  I hope one day I will be able to control my anger as well as Mr. Canis did.


Grace Aubrey

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